Self-Moving Made Simple

Whether you’re a packing pro, looking to save costs, or prefer to conduct the move yourself, we’re here to help you with your self-move. We can provide you with all the necessities you need to get going from one place to another and ensure the process is as simple as possible.

Sterling Removals can sort your van, driver, blankets & straps, boxes and labour either together or separately so you can move the way you want to.

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Packing Service

Sterling Removals offer a professional packing service to take the best care of your furniture and valuable items

Cuts Costs

If you are moving on a budget or simply want to save money where you can, a self-move can be cheaper as you are doing most of the work yourself. It’s just important to be organised.

Provide Equipment

Self-moving doesn’t mean you miss out on the top equipment you might need. We can provide you with a van, driver, blankets, straps and boxes to assist with your move.

Van Provided

If you’re self-moving you need to be careful of your body and your belongings. Our vans are equipped with ramps and tie rails for easy loading and unloading.


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